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Almost Amish (2012)

by Kathryn Cushman(Favorite Author)
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0764208268 (ISBN13: 9780764208263)
Bethany House
Tomorrow's Promise Collection
review 1: Last week I found this book near the bottom of my Kindle book list. I’d almost forgotten I’d downloaded it. That said I couldn’t remember why I’d chosen it. The title could be misleading. This is not another Amish book. Not in the purist sense. There are no Amish characters. But rather a delightful twist on the theme of being who God wants you to be.Julie agrees to help her sister-in-law move her career along by becoming part of a reality show. Together with their children they experience the trials and tribulations of the simpler life. Trials made more difficult by Susan’s perfectionistic tendencies. Seeing all the characters grow into a better version of themselves despite the cameras and Kendra, the obnoxious producer kept me reading.I loved following these wo... moremen and their teens as they discovered just how much work was involved in living without most modern conveniences. Julie and Susan’s experience completing producer conceived Amish tasks draws out many emotional issues long buried for both women. As the two families adapt to their surroundings they reconnect with one another on a deeper level. The teens have their own creative ways of dealing with a life without cell phones and the internet. Although the families are Christians they are in no way portrayed as perfect. Susan is a control-freak and Julie has low self-esteem. Add to those flaws cameras filming your every move—a melt-down waiting to happen. The story has lots of tense emotional moments with a little romance thrown into the mix. Readers will relate to their struggles of man-pleasing rather than God-pleasing. Wonderful weekend read.
review 2: Despite the title, this book is not about the Amish. It is about two women and their children participating in a reality TV series about trying to live a simple life like the Amish. Of course simple is not synonymous with easy; in fact, it is inconvenient. One of the women is an over-achiever and the other is a self-perceived failure, but eventually each woman learns surprising things about herself and her family. The characters are strong, the story engaging and fast-paced. less
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A brilliant read, really makes you think about the important things in life.
I actually haven't read this book. I can't delete my rating
It inspired me to slow down.
Excellent. Loved the book!
Amazing read!
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