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Misbehavior (2014)

by Kathryn Kelly(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 4
Death Dwellers MC
review 1: MisbehaviorMatthew “Val “ Taylor the road captain in the club was introduce to sex at an early age . The tings his parents made him do and what they did to survive was just horrible. His Mother was murdered by his father and Matt left was living on the streets and doing what ever it took to survive . He ended up into drugs and pill popping and drinking. Val was so messed up when he met the clubs enforcer and the president and now he only lives for women on the road. Then he meets the one women who captures his heart but she is the one he couldn’t have unless he wanted to be killed by his president Outlaw which is her Brother. Zoann Donovan was young when she met Matthew but she was always told to stay away from the club and the bikers. Outlaw loved his sister and w... moreas very protective over her. Zoann’s life change in one afternoon and then it was like she loved matthew from afar she watched him with girls and drinking and club stuff. Zoann feels betrayed and angry with her brother and the club that should of protected her. She finally gives into Val and her gets broken again but she now has to think of her son. Will she be able to forgive and forget and leave the past in the past? Can val be the man and father she needs him to be?I was warned that I would get pissed with val lol and of I did and I also wanted to shake Zoann a few times . It was such an emotional book to read and I felt so bad for everyone in this book.i was gifted this book for my honest review.
review 2: Wow oh wow where do I start...this is not a fast read, great book, well written, but sooo much happens you have to focus & not miss a thing!! At 38% I was thinking what else can happen, so much content, twist & turns you don't see coming. At some points I wanted to slap Kendal...omg she is an idiot....great writing to make you hate a character so much! But seriously the s**** that was coming out of her mouth uhhh smack her!! This is not a soft mc book, this is nitty gritty, tough, down & dirty HOT mc book. Lots of different characters in the story. Great read, kept me hooked. No cliffhanger & HEA :). I did receive a free copy for my honest review & I would definitely recommend this book (read the other books first to have a better understanding of the characters) Enjoy! less
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Just one word!! AWESOME! I won't give any spoilers but you have to get this next instalment
Just as good as the first three. Gritty and intense.
Looking forward to their story.
Love Val!
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