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The Dark One: Dark Knight (2013)

by Kathryn Le Veque(Favorite Author)
4.41 of 5 Votes: 3
De Russe Legacy
review 1: This is an epic book in every sense.The pages go past so quickly it took no longer to read than some books with half the amount of pages.After the battle of Bosworth King Henry VII is on the throne. He sends Gaston De Russe,the most feared knight in the land, to Mt.Holyoak in Yorkshire ,A keep that has been confiscated from a prisoner of war, to keep the peace and train his Knights.Remington is the Lady of the keep . She knows she has no choice but to surrender Mt.Holyoak to Sir Gaston. She and her sisters are terrified ,after years of abuse by her husband. Gaston is a loner who cuts himself off from friends and even his family. His is an arranged marriage to a cheating woman he detests. He finds himself drawn to this taumatized family.In this era the only way out of a mar... moreriage is anullment by the church. Which is next to immpossible to get. This book is an emotional roller coaster. Laughter and tears, incredible fight scenes and touching love scenes.
review 2: This author had a few free ebooks, which I enjoyed immensly, a few of her books are my all-time favorites. So I was pleased to see that she had 2 new books out. This book is really long, while reading I glanced at the progress bar of my ereader and wondered what was still to come.This story is really hard to read sometimes, as the leading characters have had some really awful times to live through. It starts with a takeover of the keep that houses the heroin and her sisters. She is the wife of a gruel, hard, sadistic knight which is in prison due to politic changes. The Dark One (alleged traitor to the old king) is the new owner of the keep. There follows so much that it is impossible to sum up in a few sentences.I loved the building of the relationships, even though it seemed too easy sometimes, considering the hardships the heroin and her sisters went through prior. It is made clear how much power the church held over everyone, and how truly defenseless females were to the whims and ferocity of their husbands.This book held my interest throughout and the only reason it is a four is that there are a few inconsistencys and a few times where one was searching for a follow-up to an action or emotion of one of the characters. less
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Another epic read!! Ms. Le Veque has become one of my very favorite authors!!
Another spell binding novel by kathryn LeVeque! Love love love it!
This book was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good but about 400 pages too long.
Awful, contrived, ridiculous. DNF
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