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The Girl Is Murder (2011)

by Kathryn Miller Haines(Favorite Author)
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1596436093 (ISBN13: 9781596436091)
Roaring Brook Press
The Girl is Murder
review 1: 2.5 stars. Usually this means it's a bad book for me, but this wasn't. It was just kinda slow. I was sure I was going to love it as I am a die hard Nancy Drew and Veronica Roth fan. Iris, while believable really didn't do a lot for me. Really, other than make friends and figure out why things ended the way they did, did she really do anything? She kinds just disobeyed her father a lot. I don't know. I won't be reading the next one.
review 2: In Kathryn Miller Haine’s novel The Girl is Murder, the author is trying to say to never give up when you really want something. She is trying to express a teenager’s passion for being a private detective. This book takes place in 1942 in New York. The Girl is Murder is about a fifteen year old girl named Iris. Her fath
... moreer returned home from the civil war with a missing left which makes it difficult to do the physical portion of his detective work. Iris wants to help him especially since one of his new cases involves a boy at her new school. Iris still investigates despite the fact that her father told her not to get involved. Iris pretends to be friends with Susan, Tom’s girlfriend, and is actual best friends with Pearl. Iris is willing to do anything to figure this case about Tom out even if it involves sneaking out, partying all night, or double-crossing her friends. I enjoyed this book a lot! I thought the text was written creatively. When I met with the Kathryn last year, I thought she was very lovely woman who thought out everything clearly. The book’s strength is all of the mystery involved. It is always hard to guess what will happen next. A surprise is always around the corner. The book did not really have any weaknesses that I noticed but I thought that Iris’s father could have been a little less stubborn. Overall, this book was a fantastic book and you should read it. less
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Very interesting. It shows that woman can rule the world if they try!
This was an amazing book. It was one of the best boooks i have read.
You had me at "Veronica Mars." I NEED TO READ THIS BOOK NOW!
Review to come.
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