Life is pretty good for Julia the dog and Nigel the cat.

Until their owners start acting strange. They paint a room a green that Nigel disdains and they bring home tiny hats and socks…and then a baby!

Julia and Nigel do not think the family needs a baby. And they are certainly not going to be the ones to raise it!

But the little bit of a thing-Bittle-works their way into their hearts. She plays with them, she shares food with them, and when she cries, they comfort her.

The climax of the story comes with Bittle’s first words. Will it be dada or mama? It ends up being “woof” and “meow”, and then something all three can do together:

I really like reading this story. MacLachlan’s humor about the animals slowly coming to love Bittle is wonderful. Kids love this book too, find a little one to share it with and you’ll see what I mean.

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