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A Stopover In Venice (2008)

by Kathryn Walker(Favorite Author)
3.3 of 5 Votes: 1
0307267067 (ISBN13: 9780307267061)
review 1: I was drawn to this book because of....its gorgeous cover and binding. I have been seeing it every single time that I've been to The Strand Bookstore this fall, because it's situated in a pretty convenient position for being viewed. Very glad I did not get suckered into buying it. The beginning was intriguing, but once she goes to live with Lucy and company, the book got too confusing and lost me. It doesn't help that there are no quotes.
review 2: This book was a huge disappointment. I love art history and have been more than once to Venice, and was hoping for something more interesting, more illuminating, that would draw me into an Italian adventure, and reveal information about living in Venice now and in the past. There is a very thin story here, the char
... moreacters are not well drawn, one doesn't even know the age of the main character, it's difficult to be interested in any of the people in this book. After 140 pages I just don't care anymore, and won't bother to finish this one. This is not a particularly well written book - it's more along the lines of a simplistic Nancy Drew mystery than anything. less
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The book was sort of like a modern day fairy-tale. I enjoyed it but would not recommend it.
The end left you wanting which is the only reason that I did not love it!
Interesting read with a great historic art sub-story.
FIC WALker, Kathryn
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