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The Road To Mercy (2012)

by Kathy Harris(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 3
1426741936 (ISBN13: 9781426741937)
Abingdon Press
review 1: The book tackled a hard problem - what would you do to save the life of your unborn child, risk your own life even to grow the child you only know in your heart? I'm a Christian, but there were so many references it felt forced to me. And these two blushed more than any adults I've ever seen in my life... first time or two it was endearing, next 15 annoying! The ends tied up nicely and happily. Took me a few days to review it, because I wanted to process it. In the end, I liked it but didn't love it. Would be willing to read another book by this author, but probably won't actively search her works out.
review 2: Josh and Bethany's life seems perfect until the day Bethany passes out in her kitchen and is rushed to the hospital with a tear in her carotid artery.
... more Things take an interesting twist when they discover that Bethany is pregnant on top of everything else. The two must face their challenges with faith and courage, especially Bethany who must face a mistake from her past and it's possible impact on her marriage. I found this a sweet love story as well as a story of finding faith in the face of trial. The addition of the story of Bethany's doctor, Ben Abrams and his past makes for an interesting subplot. Some might say it's a big coincidence the way their lives entwine but I've found that when God is in your life such things are more than possible, they are even likely, while many things are impossible for us mortals, nothing is impossible for God. I recommend this book to those who enjoy a story of love and faith in the face of serious challenges. less
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Kathy Harris captures the reader from page one. I give this book four stars.
This book kept my attention but I didn't totally buy the story...
dramatically predictable, which is what I expected.
Awesome book.
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