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More With You (2000)

by Kaylee Ryan(Favorite Author)
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With You
review 1: Okay so this book was kinda eh. I didn't read the previous one about Allison and Liam but I can only assume it's similar to this one.This is kinda spoilery, mostly me bitching about the stuff I didn't like in this book, so be warned.There were more things I disliked about this book than there were things I did like. One of the things that really annoyed me was the writing. It wasn't terrible or anything, but it's just, it's not necessary to write every little thing that a character does. Aiden was also annoying as hell. He was such a whiny little shit when it came to Hailey. He just talks and talks and TALKS about how much he's in love with Hailey, but he can't be with her because he doesn't wanna ruin their friendship but he doesn't want Hailey to be with anyone either. I... moret's like, bro, you can't have it both ways. You either man the fuck up and be with the girl you love, or let the girl go and let her be happy with someone else.The same goes with Hailey when it comes to being a whiny shit. Except she wasn't as bad as Aiden was about the whining. She actually attempted to get over Aiden and decided to start treating him like a brother. But then. OH BUT THEN Aiden gets pissy about Hailey calling him family, as in, he's like a brother, family, and throws a bitch fit in his room. Like????? BRO YOU WERE JUST SAYING YOU CAN'T BE WITH HER AND THAT YOU WERE GONNA JUST BE A FLIRTY FRIEND TOWARDS HER FROM NOW ON. Can you say, "HELLO DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!!!" ?Also, another thing that annoyed me (and I'm just weird cos I can't stand this thing) is the gross, typical pet name he gives Hailey, angel. Like, can you be any more unoriginal???? Also, Aiden's overuse of the gross, typical pet name bothers me to no end.And what's up with all of the whispering????? I don't know if the author's view on how one sounds when they whisper is different from mine, but is it really necessary to whisper all of the semi-emotional things? When I imagine someone whispering, I imagine them speaking quietly in a breathy manner. Maybe that's not what it means to whisper to other people, but I'm almost 1000% positive that's what whispering is.Totally was not surprised when Aiden flipped his shit when Miles kissed Hailey, and I still wasn't surprised when he refused to listen to anyone, especially Hailey, when they all tried to tell him that it wasn't what it looked like (I don't know if you can tell, but I severely dislike Aiden).But hey, they finally got together at the end and they banged and it was hella cute, and then he proposed to Hailey after Liam and Allison's wedding and that was even more cute.So, I give this book an overall 3 stars.
review 2: As much as I loved Liam and Allison, from Hailey and Aidens perspective, they seem kind of sappy. The tension throughout the book between all four characters, especially Hailey and aiden had me drawn to it, and even the small gestures and kind words that were passed between the two of them left me smiling. This book was full of suspense and anxiety grew on me as I awaited Hailey and Aiden's happily. less
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Loved it just as much as the first book. :D
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