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Platinum Dust (Part One) (2014)

by K.C. Blaze(Favorite Author)
4.38 of 5 Votes: 3
0615999085 (ISBN13: 9780615999081)
Just Wright Publications
review 1: Platinum Dust is a mixture with a heavy dose of drama, and the right amount of intrigue. The lifestyle choices of Raheem Starz show a clear connection to a traumatic event plainly described and passionately written. The emotions felt by each character is presented in a way that many readers will want to have empathy, direct anger towards and feel forgiveness for characters at different points in the story. The narration is detailed enough where the reader feels as if they are a personal part of the saga as it unfolds. As the book chronicles through emotional highs and lows, the reader is treated to brief periods of excitement and rushes of adrenaline. The writing style of K.C Blaze provides vivid, colorful depictions in the mind as the tale unravels. This style culminates ... moreafter the reader is completely vested in the book, and for some will leave them wanting more. However, there are some editing issues that seriously distracted me.
review 2: Platinum Dust Part 1 is a blazing novella written by authoress KC Blaze is a story that I must say that I initially didn’t want to read. Meaning when this talented authoress first made initial contact with me and asked me to review her work I was dulled by the fact of reading what I deemed to be a chick book about a play-boyish character who would nevertheless fall in love with the woman he could simply not live life without. Blah, blah, blah…However, I will be the first one to admit that I was totally wrong about this masterful piece of work. Platinum Dust is a novella that I found to be an amazing! The story had me wanting to speed read just to find out WTF was going on! By the middle of this novella I found myself reaching into my cabinet for a bag of microwave jalapeno flavored popcorn, and a large glass full raspberry flavored tea because Ms. Blaze puts on one helluva show within her page turner which is based on the life of her main character Raheim Starz who although is a good-looking playa with everything going for himself except for a legitimate job of sorts; and yet is not a street thug in a sense most think about but is on the contrary a very educated, streetwise, cautious individual with a heart that yearns for love. Yet it isn’t the love of just one woman he craves. The complexity of love is charasmatically played out within the chapters of this page turning romance/drama series within Raheim’s relationships with the three main women within his life.One, Janet Starz, the murderess whom he hates for killing his father when he was 11 years-of-age who happens to also be the woman who brought him into the world. Estranged at such a young age, Raheim struggles with the unknown factor of why would the woman who gave birth to him, hate him so much as to toss him in the wind like an unwanted rabid dog invading a hen-house?The complexity begins with his mother, Janet Starz who is serving a lifelong prison term. She constantly finds herself wanting to make amends with her son for what seems to be for all the wrong reasons. She is a character who had my head spinning the entire time, and it still is. Part 2 where are you? My mind continues to shout this.Second, is Raheim’s aunt Sadie, who is on the opposing side of the family (his father’s side) who became a mother figure, and advisor to him due to life’s circumstances. One who doesn’t care too much for Janet or her murderous excuses.Third, there’s Felicia the woman with a quiet knack who actually is what Raheim needs to bring balance within his chaotic life which for the moment runs smoothly until trouble comes literally knocking at his door due to a hiatus at a local club which turns out to be a nightmare Raheim needs to figure out in a hurry while the clock is ticking on his life as well as his younger brother who is astute, and as handsome as they come. Yet Raheim’s problem is trying to figure out why is someone trying to kill them, and for what reason? These questions will have you screaming out WTF! I just have to know!What grasped me from the beginning besides the obvious as mentioned above is the content of the story was much more than the humdrum rehashed urban fiction that is constantly bombarding the market with tired run-of-the-mill storylines which we already know the outcome. Yet, KC Blaze manages to tell her story with twist and turns that will leave one thinking they were the 70’s hero Plastic Man. Someone please help me unwind. A cup of coffee would send me to the moon right now.My only take from this story is the narrative itself, which had both a positive and negative effect upon me. I had found the first person narrative to be rather awkward at times, and yet it was unique at the same breath. The narrative becomes very refreshing after you get used to it as every character tells their part of the story in their own words, giving the reader an intimate connection to each and every one.My conclusion of Platinum Dust is this story is a story that everyone will enjoy. People will be talking about it for ages to come. This book shall remain relevant for Cop this book today, and yes, I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars hands down…dioncheese.com less
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Definitely a page turner...Can't wait for part 2!!
Could not put it down. Great book K.C. Blaze!
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