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Jellaby: Monster In The City (2009)

by Kean Soo(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 2
1423105656 (ISBN13: 9781423105657)
Hyperion Books
review 1: jellaby has gotten borrrrring. *gasp*how could this ever be?well, firstly, you have to factor in a reader who's lately got the attention-span of humming birds made of clouds in rainy seasons when storms abound.then, you'll need an old framework for a story with sparse enchanting elements. and then there are the requisite annoyingly good kids who fight, fight(in different contexts) and finally become friends again, the depravity they faced having renewed their bonds. to be honest, the kids annoyed me to the point that i actually wanted the bad guys to win. this seriosuly hasn't happened to me where kids are concerned since i was one myself-the aging has given sort of a responsibility to endure them (in books).however, i can say with certainty that the intended demographic w... moreill enjoy this book and juice out of it all it's worth. me, i'm just an occasionally-snarky-snobby-jaded teenager who doesn't know crap besides what she enjoys. now, i need to go prepare for my economics test. thank you capstone people!
review 2: I got an ebook of this book from NetGalley to review. This is the second book in the Jellaby series. It continues where the first book left off. This was a cute little story that should appeal to younger readers. Portia and Jason continue on their journey to get Jellaby to the city in hopes of finding his way home. Portia loves having Jellaby for a friend but wants to help him find his home too. Their search leads them to a circus where they meet a mysterious hooded man that seems to know about Jellaby. He leads them to a monster similar to Jellaby. This monster befriends children, but is not as friendly as Jellaby is. In addition to this Portia is still trying to solve the mystery behind her father’s strange disappearance.This book added more questions than answers to the Jellaby story. We meet another monster but don’t find out really how that monster got into our world...just that it truly is a monster.Portia and Jason have some issues with their friendship that they have to work through, so it was good to see that. Portia is also torn about helping Jellaby leave because she doesn’t want to lose her friend.Jellaby is just as adorable (and hungry) as in the first book. We see a more fierce side to him as well. The question of whether Portia created Jellaby with her imagination or if he is from another place isn’t really answered. Instead we have yet more questions.There are some very funny parts, especially when Jellaby goes on some carnival rides.The illustration is very cartoony and simplistic in style, everything is done in purple tones (like the first book). I never had trouble following the illustrations and the facial expressions did an excellent job of conveying emotion.So far this has been a pretty simple story. I think it would be most appropriate for younger readers. While I enjoyed it and thought it wass cute, so far the storyline has been a bit too simplistic to really engage and hold my attention.Overall this was an excellent follow-up to Jellaby. It is a very cute and funny read, that is appropriate for all ages. It deals with a lot of issues around friendship and family. The story is expanded some in this book, as we meet a new type of monster. However there are more questions than answers. I would recommend to younger graphic novel fans or reluctant readers. less
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This supposedly is the end of the two books but boy there are still questions to be answered.
Decent book. Not exactly amazing, but still good.
What a cute ending!
i love it
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