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The Mother Load (2000)

by Keeley Bates(Favorite Author)
3.25 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: The story's of Emily, Sophia, Bridgett (I may be missing a sister/sister in law.) Emily is a mother of a preteen boy, is divorce and her dad lives with her in her small apartment. Sophia is Emily's sister. Mother of 2, married to a man who seems to spend too much time "at work". Bridgett is their sister in law(?) who is a pediatrician desperate to become a mother.The story was okay. They way they related to each other was very entertaining so it was definitely a quick read. But I did find myself confused as to who's story I was on. I found myself constantly thinking back to when I was first introduced to each character to remember who was who.
review 2: This was such a fun book to read. All the chapters were written using the 3 main characters: Emma, Sop
... morehie and Bridget. This made for such an interesting read as you delved into the minds of each of these characters and saw the perspectives from all 3 of them.Sophie the stay-at-home mom of 7 year old Owen and 5 year old Molly. Sophie is married to Neal, an attorney. Sophie was a practicing attorney prior to giving birth to Owen. Sophie is quirky, has an interesting way of thinking and presenting herself.Emma. Sophie's sister, Eric her 12 year old nephew and Max her father all live together in Emma's house since her divorce. Emma is a teacher and struggling to keep her head above water. Bridget, Sophie's sister-in-law and her husband Ted are trying to conceive their first child. Bridget is a busy pediatrician and Ted is a freelance artist.Florence and Charles her mother and father-in-law are brought into the story in different places and provide some comic relief. Sophie's constant inside-her-head responses to Florence "the nemesis" is a riot.This book has some wonderful characters and make for a fun read. less
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I enjoyed this book. Lighthearted book about relationships and family dynamics. Very entertaining.
Very funny, easy read.
Free kindle book.
A lovely read
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