University Class of 2017

This time last week, I was at my university graduation ceremony waiting to graduate. Today I’m known as a journalism graduate and I wanted to share with you all a quick overview of my university experience. University for me was always a must-do thing because everyone from my Mum’s side attended university. I was not forced to go; however, for me it was an expectation that I had to uphold. I was never one of those students in High School who knew what they wanted to do as a career. Even when I was applying for several universities, I was selecting degrees that I wasn’t familiar about. It took me a few weeks to finalise what I wanted to study at university and that was journalism.

After being accepted into university to study journalism, time flew by way to quickly and here I am now, a university graduate. I learned a lot during my three years at university and I’ve only just discovered some new things I want to pursue. Before entering university, I was told that it will be the best years of my life and there is no doubt it was. I found my true self as a person, I met some amazing people along the way and I was even lucky enough to study in Japan. Academically, university taught me a lot; however, as a person I grew enormously from who I was at the end of Senior High.

There were times where I wanted to take a break by differing and there were times where I was crying to my Mum because I was stressing over a 10,000 word report. University isn’t a smooth ride, you will come across late nights or nights of no sleep, uncooperative group members and stress. However, if you can get passed all of those hurdles, graduation day feels a whole lot greater than what you would imagine.

During my university days I established that for some people, university wasn’t for them. I saw some of my friends drop out and that’s ok. There are many people in the world who didn’t attend university and turned out very successful. You may know someone who knows exactly what they want to do as a career and you might wish that was you. However, if that person isn’t you, then do some research and discover what career paths there are that interest you. Don’t feel pressured into doing a degree you aren’t passionate about because you will only set yourself up for failure.

As I’m only so young and university free, there is plenty to do and with Christmas right around the corner, I’ll be focusing on that for now.

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Ja’d Kurumi xx

I know this is not part of my Christmas blog series and I do apologise; however, I wanted to share with you all this exciting news.

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