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B.I.G. Is Beautiful (2013)

by Kelly Martin(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the message that it sends. No matter what size you are someone will and does love you. When you're a teenager though it doesn't feel like anyone loves you. Your parents do but they have to right? When you are overweight everything that goes on in high school seems like its amplified. No one is brave enough to date the fat chick. Even if she is pretty. Chunky girls can be friends but not girl friends, or at least thats what I've experienced. Brittney is beautiful. She's just stuck in high school hell, with that one girl that thinks the world is there to entertain her and her target has become Brittney. So when the jock guy becomes her tutor and he actually flirts with her and says things that gets her heart racing she has a hard time believing... more it because who would like a girl that looks like her, especially the football star/tutor??In the end this book was a great work of fiction. I say that because it doesn't happen in the real world, well I suppose it could but I've never seen it.. I mean people as adults still will look down on people that are overweight.
review 2: I purchased Big is Beautiful with the goal of taking a break from reading series. I was on a complete overload from the Grey Wolves series that I had just finished. I had no idea what I wanted to read. I was browsing through Facebook and came across Kelly Martin's page, she had just had a Facebook event for the book Big is Beautiful and I had missed it by three minutes. After reading the comments I decided that I was going to check out this book. I was hooked! I absolutely loved Brittany and the dynamic that she has with her mom straight from the first page. Brittany is informed by her mom that she is to have a tutor for geometry starting that day after school. Brittany is not thrilled with this; she is being tormented at school by Kendra and her lackeys; along with just about everyone else. Her only real friend seems to be Jillian, a nice girl in the grade below her. Kendra, is the popular girl; reading about her made me think of all those mean girls who have the cliques that everyone seems to want to be a part of even though the girls are the meanest in school. You sort of want to know what is going to come out of her mouth next even though you know that you will not like what she says and may even be a bit disgusted by it. Matt, is the quarterback of the football team and a senior. He is to be Brittany's tutor. He is the all around Southern gentleman, though he has a secret. He does not make fun of Brittany like the other students do, he never calls her BIG (Kendra realized one day that Brittany's initials were B.I.G. and ever since then everyone seemed to call her that). Could he be interested in her? Brittany is faced with bullying everyday and she needs to find a way to deal with that. She wants what every other teenager wants. To go out on dates, hang out with friends, to go to the Red Ball. What will she do in order to fit in? Following Brittany on her journey was a heartbreaking. I literally cried for her. This is a great book with a wonderful message. I have passed the book along to my 13 year old daughter; I hope that it gets picked up by her school's book club. I think it will really help these teens to understand what it is like to be on the receiving end of bullying. This is an amazing read! I definitely recommend it. less
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Enjoyed and would recommend to anyone, especially femals that consider themselves fluffy.
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Mediocre YA.
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