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The Wolf's Surrender (2013)

by Kendra Leigh Castle(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 2
0373885660 (ISBN13: 9780373885664)
review 1: I loved this book! Despite having school work that desperately needed doing, I started the book and read a few chapters before bed and then woke up in the morning and had to continue reading until I was done. I love the characters and despite being in a supernatural setting, it is still set in a relate-able experience personality wise. I think we would all want our own Nick Jenner on our side, especially after reading this book. Mia is thrust into a situation that while it is mostly new, she knew bits and pieces due to her partly being already supernatural but having that part of her always being repressed and shunned, but didn't realize how much of it was actually true. If you are into supernatural and/or Harlequin novels, this is definitely one that needs to be on your l... moreist of ones to read!
review 2: This one didn't work for me. I had a hard time believing that after being bitten and almost killed that Mia would be so calm, accept werewolves and real and want to know how to get on with her life. I also didn't really buy into the instant attraction between Jenner and Mia. I am slightly interested in what the darkness is in Mia and Jeff was after her blood and what happened to Jenner so that he became a wolf, but not enough to keep reading, as I was bored and gave up around page 60. In the end this one just wasn't for me. less
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Typical paranormal romance, but fun and quick to read.
Un peu d'originalité dans cet Harlequin.
Not enough action in or out of the bed
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