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Della Says: OMG! (2010)

by Keris Stainton(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 1
1408304279 (ISBN13: 9781408304273)
Orchard Books
review 1: My.Oh.My. This book is so awesomely hilarious. Della is a very outspoken person. She says what she thinks. I really like that. Dan is a really sweet and honest guy. I'm so relieved that he wasn't the culprit. It would just break my heart if he was. Della's parents are so young at heart. They are really funny and open minded. Maddy is great. It would be awesome to read more about her. Keris did a fantastic job with this book although I do have to admit that I was and still am a teeny weeny bit uncomfortable with the sex thing (maybe mostly due to diff cultures) but I'm really glad to see that Keris is brave enough to talk about it in this book.
review 2: Touching and authentic. Della's shame and horror when she realises that her diary has gone missing is so well
... more described that it made me feel slightly sick on her behalf. And there's a sweet and honest tale of first love as well. The focus is more on Della's journey to accept that her secret thoughts need not be so shameful after all, than the actual mystery of who is playing evil tricks on her but overall it's a funny, wise and very sweet read. less
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In my opinion this book was an absolute waste of time and money. Don't bother.
A great, fun, read for teens. A wonderful, endearing main character.
Officially My Favourite Book IN the WORLD!!
it is a goood book and i want to re-read it
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