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The One Good Thing: A Novel (2013)

by Kevin Alan Milne(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 4
1455510084 (ISBN13: 9781455510085)
Center Street
review 1: There were many things to like about this book, but I had major problems with it. I saw many of the things coming, and really couldn't believe that Nathan would have told his wife nothing about Madeline, and that his own parents would stay estranged from him. The family seems to just slide right by Alice being bullied. I found it interesting that the facebook blurbs were drawn from real-life examples, and I like the idea of the stones.I don't understand the criticisms of people saying this book is too "religious"; makes me wonder if they really read it or just like to bash religion.
review 2: This was too Hallmark movie-ish for me. None of the characters really rang true, everyone was just a little too extreme and inconsistent... We're supposed to think Halle
... morey is so caring and wonderful because she gives out free lavender to parents of a dying child - yet casually asks if her own daughter is stuffed into a locker like it's no big deal.The story was all rainbows, unicorns and over the top religious - overall not my cup of tea. less
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This book was very surprising, but resonated with me. There is more to it than you'd think.
Absolutely predictable and ridiculously hard to believe even from the most optimistic.
I absolutely loved this book. once I started it it was hard to put it down.
Sweet story good beach read
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