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The Lost Code (2012)

by Kevin Emerson(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 4
0062062794 (ISBN13: 9780062062796)
Katherine Tegen Books
The Atlanteans
review 1: I bought The Lost Code because of two reasons. One, the cover is awesome! It’s pretty darn cool. And two, the premise sounded unique. And who doesn’t like an unique story? The characters are very interesting. Owen is a young boy, insecure and shy at first but starts to grow into a strong, brave young men. The other characters are great as well. They all have their role to play and I like that as a reader you don’t know which role that is and on which side they are. There is a love interest in the book and I liked it. It’s not that very well development, but it was just super sweet and cute. The Atlantean part of the story was super interesting and very adventurous. I’m seriously excited to get the second book in the series. The plot was very well done and I just... more could picture it in my head like a great adventure movie, something like the Disney movie Atlantis. I do have to say The Lost Code starts with a slow pace, but when the mystery unravels the pace starts to pick up speed and it turns into a page-turner.
review 2: I picked up this book because I'm a sucker for dystopia. And this did not disappoint! Emerson builds such an interesting post-apocalyptic world and takes us from summer camp to dark. There were some lines in the book that I connected with. One in particular is Owen and Lilly are contemplating entitlement and doing the right thing and it helped me see my world and my life in a more honest way. I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book! Sadly, my library doesn't have it. Not yet, at least. less
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I loved this book. It was so gripping and keep me wanting to reading it to find out more!!
This is probably a favorite of mine. the characters are very easy to get close to!
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