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The Thousand (2010)

by Kevin Guilfoile(Favorite Author)
2.93 of 5 Votes: 1
1400043093 (ISBN13: 9781400043095)
review 1: Picked up this book after hearing an interview with the author, who was so interesting that I delayed my errand to listen to the end of his interview. Plus, I was really excited that the story involved math & Chicago, two favorite subjects of mine. Enjoyed the characters as they developed along the way, but kept having flash backs to several other thrillers such as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Hmmmm, I was very disappointed in the mathematical inclusion and was hopeful that it would be more than just a tangent. I did enjoy his style of story telling and will look for other work he produces.
review 2: 2.5 stars to be more precise. Part "Da Vinci Code" and part "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," the writing isn't as polished as those and this plot doesn't move
... morealong as briskly as those did, partly owing to the myriad characters early on i simply could not keep straight. I'll confess, though, to finishing the novel quickly (and, to Guilfoile's credit, the plot does pick up speed later) since I wanted to know what happened with this Pythagorean conspiracy. Was it a satisfying conclusion. Mildly so. less
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Pretty good. I wouldn't say I was entirely satisfied with the ending but the ride was enjoyable.
enjoyable read...great premise, loved the characters..
Fun enough to pass the time on the train.
the end brought it down a star....
Finally done. Sheesh.
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