A Good Girl Comes Undone 3 (Pages 48 – 170)


I find Annie’s attitude silly and infuriating. What does she see in Don? The man is a bully, trampling over her as if she were his doormat. Then when she goes to New York with him, the man practially forces himself on her, but thankfully, he stops at her insistence. Yet, after that she admits to being thinking about him all the time. What is wrong with this woman? I thought she was independent and self-confident, but in the last chapters she has ruined that image for me. I don’t think much of Nick either, but however much she feels let down by her boyfriend, turning to a bully like Don is something I can’t understand.

Apart from Annie’s love conundrum, her family isn’t going through their first patch. First, her father, who is close to retirement, discovers that his pension is not what he expected it to be, so he can’t pay for Georgia’s wedding, and he and his wife have already talked about selling their home.

Georgia has also got a big blow. Her fiancé Olly has called off the wedding, and she is devastated. Annie tries to talk to him, and he simply tells her that Georgia is not the person he fell in love with. She has become too domesticated, worried only about the wedding, the house, or the children they are going to have. Annie blames Olly because he was the one who suggested she quit her job, and it is his money that has spoilt Georgia.

Georgia moves in with Annie and Nick since the house she shared with Olly isn’t really hers. Georgia is deeply depressed, and Annie discovers that her sister owes a lot of money as she has been buying designer clothes, which she hasn’t paid for. Her debt stands at 10,000 pounds, and this family is in no position of paying that much.

Then to make matters worse, Annie’s father has a heart attack. Poor family. Yet, I don’t feel sorry for Annie because her behaviour irritates me. What does she see in Don? We know that he is not handsome but that is not my  concern. If he were a kind, nice man, I would even root for him, but what I don’t like about him is his attitude. And then after what happened in Annie’s room – he was on the verge of forcing her to sleep with her – he is not contrite or even apologetic. Actually, when they land in London, he orders her to have a drink with him in his house the next week, or else, she will be fired. What a creep! How can she daydream about him? I really can’t understand this woman!!!

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