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Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance: And Other Real Laws That Human Beings Actually Dreamed Up (2014)

by Kevin Underhill(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 2
American Bar Association
review 1: This was a fun book. I do wish that more time had been spent on the earlier periods of time and explaining more of the why and how this law still resonates through time beyond the silliness. I would also have liked some additional commentary on how some of these laws in modern times have actually fared in the courts. He does often point out several of them that have never actually been challenged. The links are very well done with all the full references that anyone could ask for.
review 2: Disclaimer: I know the author. However Mr. Underhill's credentials as a humorist have been long confirmed on his blog "Lowering the Bar." But you know I wouldn't be writing a review if I didn't think this is a very funny book, thoroughly researched, and and written with a gr
... moreeat ironic sensibility. He has chosen laws made by societies through the centuries and combines fact with humor. All broken into small sections that make it easy to pick up. You'll like it. less
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Not nearly as fun as the author's blog, but still a fun read.
A collection of silly laws, old and new.
good book of weird laws!
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