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You're So Fine (2000)

by Kieran Kramer(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Lacey is a single mom whom had been working in L.A. as the assistant to a Hollywood starlet. When said starlet runs away with Lacey’s boyfriend, Lacey decides to pack up and move back to South Carolina, a place where she spent a lot of her youth. With nothing more than the clothes on their backs and a borrowed ambulance as transportation, she and her son move in to a beachfront rental that her ex-boyfriend was supposed to have been living in while shooting a movie at a local studio. Her former boyfriend is no longer on the job so she moves her and her son Henry right in, ready to start a brand new life. Unfortunately as Lacey goes to find a new job, she soon learns that fitting into the small tour... moreist town might be harder than she had expected. When she meets Mike, a single father of two and the director of the production being filmed at the local studio, she secures a job as his nanny, as well as the caregiver for his pathological liar father in law.Beau is a Hollywood actor that is known for his action movies that draw the masses to the box office. A clause in his contract states that he must star in one indie movie, and he has been cast as in a supporting role in Flowers From the Heart, an indie chick flick that Beau has no desire starring in, especially in a supporting role. To make matters worse, his accommodations for the duration of filming seem to have been taken over by Lacey and her son, causing Beau to have to be on his best behavior. Shooting in Charleston was supposed to have been his chance to reconnect to his friends and family as he is back in his hometown, but the nights of debauchery with old high school friends are going to have to go by the wayside with a five year old in the house.After having been burned by two actors she had dated, Lacey has very little desire to get involved with yet another. Even though there is a sexual tension between her and Beau, she vows to not let herself fall prey to Beau’s advances. But the known playboy quickly becomes attached not only to Lacey, but to her son as well, something that bothers Lacey immensely. She’s not up for putting Henry’s heart on the line if he gets attached and Beau goes on his way at the end of shooting. Can Beau prove to her that his intentions go beyond more than just physical attraction? Can Lacey ever put her exes past indiscretions behind her in an attempt to move on, or are all actors the same?There are several laugh out loud moments, mostly at Lacey’s expense. Her brief stint as a D-list actress has led her to have an almost cult-like following. She is known as a Hollywood jinx, her mere presence on the set has been known to make a movie or the director himself tank completely. We quickly learn though that all Lacey needs is for someone to take a chance on her. Whether it be Mike, her new employer, or Beau, the possible love interest, she is ready to prove that she’s not the woman everyone seems to think she is and is ready to move on, past her time in Hollywood.You’re So Fine is a fun, sweet romance that takes the reader on a journey to find what the definition of family really means. Lacey had a tough life as a child and never seemed to measure up in her mother’s eyes, always playing second chair to her sister that seemed to do no wrong. When Beau steps in to help make it clear to her parents that they are obviously missing out on a relationship with not only her, but their only grandchild as well, he instantly becomes swoon-worthy. Lacey is a strong character that understands where her priorities lie, with her son. There are no big surprises in this book; it is a little predictable, but at the same time it hits the spot if you’re looking for a light read with a great storyline and well developed characters. This would make a great beach read and is perfect for fans of standalone happily ever afters. Four and half stars.
review 2: You can't quite call Lacey a former actress, because you can't call what she did in Biker Aliens "acting." Nonetheless, she has some fame as Greta Gildenstrum, and her flaming red hair occasionally leaves her easily identified as the star of a kitschy flop. Thanks to her association with three failed movies, she's also become known as a bit of a curse.Beau Wilder, on the other hand, is a bona fide Movie Star. His name attached to a film equates to immediate box office success. Until, that is, his current film, Flowers from the Heart, which looks like a gigantic cheese ball of a disaster.When Beau, Lacey, and Lacey's five-year-old son Henry wind up sharing a lighthouse together, the locals in the small Carolina beach town instantly assume that a little something-something is going on. They wouldn't be completely wrong; Beau and Lacey have an almost immediate, visceral attraction to each other. It takes them a while to act on it, though, because they both know that Beau will leave this film and move on to his next acting job, whereas Lacey wants to put down roots for her and Henry. She had been working as an assistant to another movie star, but that job is no more. Now she's confronted with a job hunt and determining her future.This is a sweet, cute romance with occasional hot headboard rockin'. But - and this is a HUGE 'but' - it's about 100 pages too long.You know it's bad when you look at what page number you're on and realize that you have triple digits to get through till the book is over.Kieran Kramer has a good ear for dialogue, and she crafts her characters well. Yes, there are some who come straight out of Central Casting and are predictable to their cores, but they are nonetheless engaging and charming. Beau is multifaceted and utterly lovable. Lacey, equally as rounded, tends to wander off into one-note territory too often. She's stuck on what she thinks her life should look like, and that closed-off mindset translates into repetitive, tedious reading. The whole last quarter of the book is just uninteresting.The thing is, though, the first three-fourths are fun! And frisky! and delightful! Yeah, I wanted more sexy times, but I always want more sexy times. What I didn't want was more thoughtful introspection. In Lacey's case, particularly, it's not all that captivating.This is a romance novel, and it does have occasional hotness. It also has a couple of characters who are fun to read about. If only it were a little shorter.Published on [email protected] less
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a lovely read. first time author for me, would read another one from her
Super cute!! Loved!!!!!!! I didn't want it to end :-)
Review to come Jan 2015
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