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Perfect Lies (2014)

by Kiersten White(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 1
0062135848 (ISBN13: 9780062135841)
Mind Games
review 1: Kiersten White’s Perfect Lies is an excellently written, fast-paced sequel to Mind Games. The two points of view between Fia, who has perfect instincts, and her sister Annie, who is blind yet can see the future give an interesting perspective on the fascinating plot. If you enjoyed Mind Games, the prequel, Perfect Lies is a great follow-up. It follows Annie working with the Lerner Group and Fia who is deceiving Keane by trying to take down the Foundation from the inside. Fia struggles with her first love, James Keane, and Annie takes you on the journey of falling in love. Perfect Lies is an excellent page-turner and absorbs the readers in the plot.
review 2: So this is the end? *Sigh* As much as I'd love for Fia to end up with James, I think there's no bette
... morer ending and my instincts is telling me that they'll meet again. James and Fia is meant to be together. I still love Fia and I'm so glad that Annie now has Cole. And they're so awesome together. I thought Eden died but I guess not. I was actually confused aa lot of the timeline what with the use of BEFORE and I was always thinking before what? There was too many ending and I didn't know what's the use of before. less
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This was really good but a little bit confusing and also I'm not really satisfied with the end.
THANK YOU Ms. White for your style of writing in this series!!! I love this book!!
This was Ok...I was slightly disappointed, not what I had in "MIND"
I didn't really understand what happened
Loved every moment, face pace
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