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Chaste (0.5) (a Short Story) (2012)

by Kimberly Russell(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 1
Kimberly Russell
review 1: This was a solid short story, exactly the right length, and it kept me thinking beyond its pages. At first I wanted to give it 3 stars because I thought the way she was exploring her impulses and breaking rules was a little cliched, and perhaps would result in unhealthy behavior. But on my second read I noticed that it was handled in a very thoughtful way, and the mother/daughter relationship was so interesting it definitely merits 4 stars.
review 2: UGH, I want more! I thought the story was 25-pages long so I was pretty shocked and pissed that it actually ended at page 15 and that the rest were previews to another novel. I want this short story to be a full-length novel. They will see each other again, sparks will fly again. It would be a great prologue to a
... more novel. I hope that's actually Kimberly Russell's plan because this can certainly be a novel. I initially rated it a three out of five stars but I think my initial irritation (due to the unwanted shortness of the story) caused that. I did really like this one so yey, a four! I think I will check out Kimberly Russell's other books due to this. What a fun short read! :) less
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I liked it. Cute read but way too short. I want to read some more.
I wish it was a whole book and not just a short story!!
real good. I wanted more. Great short story.
An Okay read. but a cute story indeed. :)
Beautiful and poignant.
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