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Postcards From A Dead Girl (2010)

by Kirk Farber(Favorite Author)
3.2 of 5 Votes: 4
0061834475 (ISBN13: 9780061834479)
Harper Perennial
review 1: I couldn't help it. I identified so much with the crazy girl in the book (the one with the blue? Pink? hair) that I had little sympathy for the protagonist.It's difficult to grow much as a person when met with nothing but carelessness. Dream zen girl at the end has obviously just been taken out of the box.And this alarms me because the protagonist is not in the best shape to care for another human being and will probably end up making her just as crazy as his dead ex-girlfriend.So much stress is put on women to heal, nurture or love themselves.Men seem to just lazily reap the benefit of all that effort, coasting on that supposed 'need' of ours to tend to the wounded.
review 2: Loved this book. Happenstance led me to this book when I went to a library I had
... more not been in, ever. With this first visit brought a delightful book which I finished in less than 24 hours. It must have entered my life at the right moment because I connected with Sid and felt that his experience was mine, as well. Good timing. I won't give the synopsis but will say the conflicting realities and perceptions are often over-lapped and one can't tell the difference between the two. People are wacky and their thoughts even wackier. Love it. less
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A fast and enjoyable read. Somewhat macabre and, at times, a little sad, but all around worthwhile.
Great book, quirky characters, slightly inexplicable ending, but in a good way.
It was 99 cents, so I figured what the heck. And for 99 cents it was fine.
This was a fun, quirky, off beat read that I really enjoyed.
Quirky, enjoyable read!
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