Walking Back to Happiness 8 – The Ending (Chapters 29 – end)



The ending was not surprising, but it was very nicel. Unlike what I thought. it isn’t Lorcan who comes to take Juliet and Minton to the vet. It is his friend Sean, but while Juliet is waiting, Lorcan turns up. He tells her that he didn’t go to Dublin but London, and when she called him, he knew he had to come back and be with her. Then their feelings emerge and they finally kiss.

The epilogue shows a picture of happiness. Minton is recovered, and Juliet and Louise have gathered to plant the cherry trees that Ben had left with Louise. Juliet is touched that she has something from Ben, and this first tree will be in her garden, but the town council has allowed her to plant the other saplings in the path where she usually takes the dogs for walks. For this little ceremony apart from the sister, there is Peter and Toby. Now the black storms are gone, and Louise has finally got her family back. Lorcan is there, happy to be there for Juliet, and the Kellys also come. A very nice ending.

I liked the book. The characters were people you could relate to, and I like the way the different conflicts were addressed. What I missed is Lorcan talking about his personal life. Juliet learns about his past through Elmer, but I would have liked to hear what he has to say about it.

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