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Beyond Addiction (2000)

by Kit Rocha(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I received this ACR book through NetGalley and the author for my honest opinion. This book, and series, is different from any in this genre. You get futuristic erotic romance. This story was well written and the drama was intense. Trix is one character you meet from the beginning, and you finally get hear her story. With Finn you get the understanding what his motive was behind in the past books. Loved every word of this story!
review 2: I love the beyond series and this one took me while to get into but when I did, WOW!I felt like I was in an emotional roller coaster. The emotion between the two main characters was sweet and tender at times and of cause was very passionate as all ways on in sector 4.Trix has a new life as an O'Kane a family in Sector 4. She
... more's changed her name, she's clean, working tending bar and dancing. The hell in Sector 5 is the past.Finn is an enforcer in Sector 5, losing Trix was a big loss for him, but it was all he needed for him to clean his act up and he is now determined to destroy Sector 5 for good.The emotion and chemistry between Trix and Finn is amazing, her character has come along way in the series and matured greatly and Finn had prove him self worthy of Trix and the O'Kane's to be come a family member, which was very exciting.I loved it, a great read and can't wait for the next book in the series. 5/5 less
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Trix (Tracey) & FinnI really enjoy each addition to this Beyond Series.O'Kanes for Life!
erotic dystopian at it's finest!!! I adore this series, wonderful installment!!
Review coming soon. I cried at the end and that says alot
Finn could be my new favorite. Love Trix!!
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