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Wild Ones, Vol. 4 (2008)

by Kiyo Fujiwara(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 2
1421519356 (ISBN13: 9781421519357)
Wild Ones
review 1: I don't have as much to say about this volume. I liked it okay but I got confused by the panels and drawing several times and the story didn't grasp me as much as it had previous times. I like the set up and the plot so far...it's just not a manga series that really clicks with me.It's a pretty clean manga, maybe some minor cuss words and brief romantic drama. The occasional attack or theft. It's a sweet story and the characters are nice. It's interesting. I'm just not connecting that much :/
review 2: So, yeah...I saw a tiny review for one of the other volumes of this series about how manga is so sexist. And yeah, that's kind of true for the most part. In this series, Rakuto is always picking Sachie up and carrying her around and grabbing her and shaking her a
... morend leaning over her up against walls and getting all up in her face and whispering innuendos at her...you know, pretty boorish behavior in real life. And he's always saving her from some situation or other that she hasn't totally understood--Sachie's not always the sharpest knife in the drawer (although she will totally kick your ass). It's pretty stereotypical stuff. But I still can't help but love the two of them. The art is really well done, and I like that Rakuto doesn't look like every other hot manga guy out there--he's very distinct somehow. The awkward, well-meaning, puppy-like yakuza guys are funny, and Sachie's yakuza boss grandfather admirable and intelligent. The whole thing is ridiculous, but fun and romancy and well done, for what it is. I'm not reading manga for a dose of reality, after all! I really think this is one of the cutest titles out there right now. So there. ;) less
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This volume was better than the last one. I'm glad the little kid storyline is over!
this book is amazing. i loved the ending to it. i thought that this book was funny.
4.5 stars
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