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The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had (2009)

by Kristin Levine(Favorite Author)
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0399250905 (ISBN13: 9780399250903)
Putnam Juvenile
review 1: The 1This story takes place somewhere in the South of the United States. It's in a rural town called Moundville. It's called mound ville because they are Indian mounds. It's a small town where not a lot happens. The story begins in June 1917. There is al lot os racism because the people who live there don't like the new black family that moves to the town. When the new family arrived " It got real quiet for a moment. Everyone stared a Mr. Walker. ". This shows racism in a small town at the beginning of the 20th century.This story tells us about a period of life of dit. Dit lives in Moundville, he is a racism person. He don't stop insulting the black person "they is niggets,". This talks also about the the Sim and the new black family the Walkers. They have a big problem ... moreof comprehension because the black person think that Sim's family insult them.There is a big problem of racism and comprehension between the white and black people.This story is talking about Dit life and adventure. Before the new family came to Moundville, Dit was very enthousiastique. He was waiting for a white person in his age but he was disapointed it was a black girl person called Emmy and don't like baseball. He had problems in communication with Emmy because they were very different. Dit wanted to impress her by killing a bird but she found it horrible " You kill it". This paragraph shows us that this story is gull difference.The temes of this story are Racism, Family and also Faith. One of the themes is Racism. The Racism influence this story because the small town is racism and the new family is black. There is also the two themes Family and Faith that take place in the story. The Sim's family had faithing with the black family " do you think I am your slave" Emmy's mom said. This story involve many themes.The 2This story included many characters, in every chapter a new character appear. The story have two big character that we see in all the chapters. Dit and Emma are always in the chapters. This story is going on Moundville, South America. Dit said "I live in a little town called Moundville, it's called Moundville because they are Indian Mound." This story never became boring because of the new character in each chapter.In this part of the story, we meet a new character. His name is Elbert, he is the best friend of Dit. Elbert was the only friend playing with him in the summer. Elbert is older than Dit, he will one day have a job and not play with Dit anymore. Elbert tells Dit " Cept it means I won't have as much time for fooling around." Elbert will replace his father in the barber shop. Dit feels as if he is losing his only friend.In this part of the story, Emma and Dit went to the forest together. In the forest they hurt a buzzard with a shotgun. The buzzard fell and screamed.Emma and Dit were very scared of the buzzard. Dit says " So I did what any sensible person would do-rann as fast as I could in the opposite direction. Emma followed him." Dit and Emma thought that they wre followed by the buzzard but it was just a plane.This story included many themes like Friendship and Family. The Teme of family was included in this story because of the insufisant time between Dit and his father. Dit's father is so occupate that he couldn't spend time with Dit, Dit father usually say"Della, Ollie, Ulman, Elman, Raymond,uh , I mean Dit". The story had also makes feel that there is Freindship in this story. Dit lose his only freind Elbert,and spend more of his talking and playing with Emma. The Freindship between Emma and Dit became stronger.The 3In this part of the book, Dits becomes freind with Emma. Dits had to apply all the days hos mom's rule, mostly in the baseball field, "We didn't to like anyone, but we have to be nice with everyone."(Levine37). Dit respected his mom rule in baseball field by chosing her in his team. Emma didn't know how to throw a ball. She asked Dit to make her play better, "Teach how to throw a ball"(Levine 44). This was the beginning of there relationship.This story included two initial character, one of them is Emma. In this part of the story, Emma blackmells Dit to know how to learn how to throw a ball. "Teach how to throw a ball and I won't tell."(Levine 44), This blackmells shows that Emma really want to play with others. Emma is also a strubber person. She doesn't gives up even if she tries for 6 hours, how to throw stones. Emma is also different from the others, people in Moundville. In her free time she read books, play piano and go to the museum, like Dit said" Emma sure wasn't like no other girl I'd ever met"(Levine 47). Dit realized that Emma wasn't he thought she was.The other initial initial character, the other is Dit. In this part of the story, Dit train his shoting by throwing rocks between windows. One of his shoot was interempted by Emma."It was exactlythe wrong moment to suprise me: too late to stop my throw, but early enough to distact me. Instead of bouncing harmlessly off the wood, the rock sailed throught the closed window, shattering the glass."(Levine 43). Dit accepted Emma's exchange. He will help her to learn how to throw a ball, to Emma capt his secret. Dit knew what Emma is really like.This story included many themes like Friendship and Family. The Theme of family was included in this story because Dit respected his mom's rule. Dit's mom rul was applied in the baseball field. Friendship take a big part in this story. Dit spend more of his time with Emma, have fun and enjoy good times with her,Emma said"we had a fun time"... Dit lied"no"(Levine 38). The friendship between Emma and Dit became stronger.
review 2: A July afternoon in 1918 in the town of Moundville, Al, the new postmaster and his family arrive. Dit is excited because the new postmaster generally means a new friend next door. He was surprised and disappointed when the new family arrived with just one child and she was a girl. To top it off, the family was not white and from Boston.The story chronicles the friendship as it develops between Emma and Dit and how each comes to understand the other.Change is difficult. In this era, race was a hard to overcome. Families didn't mix and the Civil War was still raw and debated. While I enjoyed the story and loved to see how these 2 saw past color to do the right thing, it is hard for me to recommend this book. The language, while true to the time period, is offensive to many. I appreciate that the author did not use it gratuitously, but rather in context with the story. The story is heartwarming and while the resolution was in separation, the story did not feel too contrived. It is often the youth that pave the way to societal changes. I am thankful for people throughout history that have stood their ground in respect and to advocate for those unjustly discriminated against. less
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I really enjoyed her writing style. A great ya novel.
Beautiful book with hints of To Kill a Mockingbird.
Dit and Emma, what a pair. A quick fun read.
Great story of friendship and first love.
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