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Beyond The Western Sun (The Whisper Legacy, #1) (2010)

by Kristina Circelli(Favorite Author)
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0615402704 (ISBN13: 9780615402703)
Kristina Circelli
review 1: This review has taken me so long to complete. I apologise now. It wasn't because the book was shit because honestly it wasn't it was because half way through I had some devastating news and this book was too close to home so I put the book down for a few weeks and returned to it when I felt strong enough. 4 stars goes to Beyond the Western Sun.If this book taught me anything it was ' not to trust what you see' and 'too long a little deeper'.Ian & Cole are part of the Diavya Family. They are away on vacation, married life hasnt been easy on Ian and his Wife. Ian is always working and it is taking its toll on the family, a little vacation should help surely? Little do they know, things are about to get a whole lot worse for the family!!Ian has always been more and more distr... moreacted by work lately and his family are getting less and less attention from him. He has never actually cheated on his wife but that doesn't stop him from thinking about this secretary that has been flirting and putting the moves on him for a while now. If he has known them thoughts could be the end of his family maybe he would've spent a little more time with his family than dreaming about the tart at work. When Ian is having some family bonding time with his son Cole at the park while they are on vacation, he slips into dream world. Cole is happy and content playing in the park while he Dad watches. That is until something catches Cole's eye. He told his Mum he has seen a little boy playing in the water the previous day but luckily his Mum was there too save him from falling in the water and injuring himself. Who is there too save him today? With Cole being the adventurous little boy he is, and Ian sitting thinking about his little bit of skirt back at the office, the worst possible thing happens. Cole goes missing.Once Ian has scoured the surrounding area he arrives back at camp without Cole, explaining too his family what had happened, obviously, he is too blame. Who else is too blame? Ian can't see this though. He has become a selfish man. Whisper offers Ian a way too save his son so he goes with her begrudgingly, only because this is what is expected of him, not because it is what he wants to do. Whisper & Ian set off into the Spirit World. Ian isn't aware what is ahead of him and what is involved in order too help save his son but he is not alone. Whisper is with him every step of the way. Ian isn't sure what it is he is meant to be doing and he isn't sure how much he can trust Whisper but she is all he has. Ian is faced with lots of temptations along his way through the After Life and it is his place not too give into temptation but how easy will that be for him?Will he be able to save his son?Bring him home to his family where he belongs?Or will they both be lost the the Western Sun for all eternity?Can the Diavya family be saved?
review 2: I enjoyed the mystical aspect of this book and am looking forward to the sequel. The storyline was creative & original and it's definitely not a cookie-cutter formulaic book (ie, John Grisham - I enjoy some of his books but some of the read the same storyline with just a different protaganist - man in one story, woman in another). I like that the book was descriptive enough to be able to picture what's going on in my head but not overly descriptive with details that are irrelevant. less
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This book was very well written. Unique and creative. Definitely a lot of thought went into it.
Starting this as soon as it gets here!
So good!
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