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Tales Of Aradia The Last Witch Volume 1 (2011)

by L.A. Jones(Favorite Author)
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L.A. Jones, via Smashwords
Tales of Aradia: The Last Witch
review 1: *No Spoilers**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review* This was a fun quick read that grabbed my interest from the first chapter! I love the mystery behind this book. The suspense and amount of action throughout the novel kept me turning pages into the early morning! The characters are relatable and lovable. The idea of The Last Witch was defiantly a new one to me. The spins that the author brought to the book kept it interesting and left me wanting more and more (really want to read book two!). This book uses Salem as it's main setting, with the idea of the last witch I couldn't think of a more appropriate place! But within the small town there is just about every form of paranormal creature you can find! (Much to the surprise of Aradia and the ... morereader). Each character played it's own vital roll for this novel and each blossomed as the novel went on. For the most part I found it to be an extraordinary read! The only reason I gave the book four stars instead of five was that I had trouble with the transitions between time and scenes. It seemed that one moment you engaged in one setting or conversation (some which I thought could use more detail), but the in the next sentence or paragraph suddenly Aradia was somewhere else, either with inter monologue or talking to someone else. It was confusing in places because I thought she was still with one person and after reading a paragraph or two realized it was someone new and it was much later in the day or the next day. So my suggestion would be to separate by a new chapter or at least with the **** type series between paragraphs when time or characters are switched. Oh and the only other thing I wished for was a more descriptive and longer final battle, showcasing more of Aradias abilities. (But that's just personal preference) Kudos to the shingling author! I can't wait to continue reading and will look out for even more of your works!!!
review 2: The Tale of Aradia was in my opinion a totally great read for all ages. I'm a huge fan of strong female characters and Aradia was strong in so many ways. Aradia's story actually begins with a sad start. As a baby she loses her whole family but one last attempt to save her life brought her to her life as it is now. A human family found her in a cave and adopted her as their daughter. Aradia and her parents always knew she was different but it wasn't until they moved to Salem that she started to fit in. Never having friends, for fear she might hurt them, Aradia was pretty much a loner, but on her first days of school she met Rhonda and felt truly at home with her and her new friends. As any new teen she was also attracted to pretty much every hot guy she saw which was weird in itself because the school had a really high amount of them around.I loved how L.A. jones intertwined the world of the hidden with humans. There were Fae, werewolves, vampires, and shifters all together in her school but Aradia didn't know all of this yet. She had no knowledge of this Hidden World or what she was. I especially liked Roy. He was sweet and totally the boy next door type. He has a little bit of a crush on Aradia so of course when Aradia started to make googlie eyes on Dax he was jealous as heck. Didn't help matters that Dax is a vampire. Now Dax is completely opposite of Roy. he's the bad boy Aradia can't seem to get out of her head. Dax notices Aradia too but he's got a hidden agenda that might put a bit of a wrinkle in their relationship. All in all I could not put this book down between the hot guys, watching Aradia learn about the Hidden's, and trying to solve a huge murder case I was on he edge of my seat. I recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery, paranormal reads, and a bit of jealousy. This book has all that and more. Come and find out what Happens in the Tales of Aradia. Getting the next book right now. :) less
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Totally my kind of book. I think any Witch would enjoy this book.
Good book could have been better but i enjoyed it overall
One of ny fav books ever!!
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