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Stilettos & Scoundrels (2010)

by Laina Turner(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 4
Five Seas Ink
Presley Thurman Mystery
review 1: A delightful mystery slash romance. It's the Shopoholic series and Angela Lansbury all rolled into one, which makes for a charming heroine. Written in Presley's perspective, the writing is very easy to follow, with the exception of the few times a few secondary characters jump in to speak for themselves. That kind of threw the flow of the story somewhat, but was easily dismissed with how the sparks flew between Presley and Cooper. A great first book of a new series, cozy and chick-lit readers alike will find enjoyment with Stiletto's and Scoundrels.
review 2: I don't normally pay attention to editing as I work with social media and forget not to shorten everything anyway (ie texting). However, I found myself re-reading paragraphs when the wrong pronoun was
... moreused. I had to think about what the author was trying to say when "they" was used instead of "we".The second thing I failed to understand was how the main character (Presley) worked as a Human Resource Manager and managed to get fired from her job when she was the victim of sexual harassment. Isn't being able to handle situations such as this a main factor in being a HR Manager? These problems were just the beginning of the book. After that, the story bogged down in details.The murder victim is killed with a shoe. I was halfway through the book and the shoe was never brought up again. The same happens when Presley sees her father out at 1 am with no explanation. If you mention details in the beginning, there should be a point to it. I understand a good book leaves you guessing until the end, but the story couldn't hold my interest long enough to get that far. less
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Could have been a cute story, but the changing tense and point of view drove me crazy!
Funny. Oh, so very funny. What an enjoyable read.
Terrible. The writing is
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