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Cupcakes Aren't Just For Eating (2014)

by Laina Turner(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 4
Five Seas Ink
Trixie Pristine Series
review 1: Three long-time friends (Trixie, Berklie, and Sophie) operate a bookstore/coffee shop/wine bar. Trixie’s ex is stalking her with hang up calls, looking to get some money back that he thinks the trio has. Trixie is trying to figure out an off-again, on-again relationship and Sophie’s trying to plan her wedding.I didn’t realize until I started reading this that it was book 3 in the series, but I liked the characters and the storyline enough that I kept reading. (I generally like to read series in order, because it increases my enjoyment.) There was a lot going on in this book – the stalking issues, the wedding, a drop in from a Mafia-connected family … I found this a light, easy read, with a nicely tied up ending. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get this seri... morees, but I will read the first two, and would read more if there were more.
review 2: I enjoyed the book but the resolution was too simple and pat. I probably should give the book 3.5 stars, but Trixie did figure out the murder without tripping over him/her. I like the characters and their interactions and much of the writing was very good. It was just the mystery element that didn't work well enough. Many cozies fall down at that point so I pushed it up to a 4 since I will probably read another book by this author.I chose the book because the lead's name was Trixie. I wondered if the author was a Trixie Belden fan and she appears to be. less
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great read, funny and eventful. I missed the first book but it was easy to keep up.
Fun, enjoyable read.
Tag: Mystery
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