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I Swear (2012)

by Lane Davis(Favorite Author)
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1442435062 (ISBN13: 9781442435063)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
review 1: I found this book while I was looking around in Barnes and Noble. I like intense books but this book didn't have any drama in it at all. It was more of run on sentences explaining the same topic. On the other hand, it does demonstrate how severe bullying in schools is becoming. Some bullying does lead to suicide and this is what this book discusses. This book explains the cyber side to bullying. The author is very blunt and honest but the writing is terrible. There's no real plot to the story and the way it is presented can be very confusing. Also, there was too many main characters to follow. In total, there was 9 main characters that the reader had to keep up with. I wouldn't say that this book is amazing but it was ok. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. I thought... more it would be along the lines of a life time movie but it was far from that. I heard there was going to be a sequel but I don't think its worth another book!
review 2: Fascinating and instinctive, I Swear is a remarkable tale of not only just how much being bullied can hurt, but the consequences for those who had a hand in the bullying. The book is told in multiple perspectives of Jillian, Jake, Beth and Katherine. Each character has their own story, and as the book progresses, their stories and connections to Leslie unfold. While you get to know all four characters Jake and Beth stood out the most, not only for how harshly their two stories contrasted but also due to the depth of their emotions. The way each person’s story not only stands on its own but weaves with the others takes this book to some great levels. There is a big legal component to this book, a devastated family looking for justice and some scared teens trying to avoid it. Davis artfully challenges readers to see both sides of things, from the devastated family seeking justice to the scared teens trying to avoid it. The full depth of what Leslie endured comes out as the story progresses, however, testing both the characters and readers more. With some deeply moving and scenes, and a constant sense of pain and loss, this one is affecting and amazing. less
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i liked the way it was written and i would love to read more books by this guy!
Teenage bullying....a much too often reported problem. Good read...sad
I didn't like this one...
I'm so angry......
Amazing book!!
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