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Sophie The Awesome (2010)

by Lara Bergen(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 4
0545146046 (ISBN13: 9780545146043)
Scholastic, Inc.
review 1: An interesting exploration into what makes a person unique. Sophie reads about people with nicknames like Nate the Great, Ramona the Brave, Harriet the Spy, and she decides she needs a nickname of her own. After deciding she likes the sound of Sophie the Awesome, she then spends the day trying to BE awesome so she can live up to the nickname.At the end, of course, Sophie does learn a lesson from her misadventures in awesomeness... sort of.I think this would appeal to several of my students, especially as Sophie is their age and dealing with similar issues. We also spend a day giving ourselves nicknames during our unit on Vikings (Erik the Red, Leif the Lucky) so perhaps this could work in there also somehow.
review 2: It was about a girl who wanted to have a
... more nickname and she tried to be an awesome girl. But instead she became a hero. She saved a little girl's life. The little girl was carrying Slinkys and she dropped them all. The little girl ran after them, but Sophie stopped her. A neighbor picked up the Slinkys from the road.Sophie tried too hard to be awesome and she got less awesome and more boring. She accidentally told her frenemy the nickname came up with but it was supposed to be a secret. I would like to read Sophie the Hero and see all the funny things she does. less
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i read this book when i was little it was so good mostly because it had the name sophie in it!!!
I am awesome! my name is sophie and Iloved reading this book!
Made me laugh, love the ending.
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