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Sophie #1: Sophie The Awesome (2010)

by Lara Bergen(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 2
Scholastic Paperbacks
review 1: Sophie the Awesomeby Lara BergenSophie is an average third grader trying to prove she is not just average. Through a series of five complications, Sophie fails to prove she is awesome. The major crisis comes when Sophie calls herself awesome and then expects to be ridiculed by her whole class. In the end, Sophie saves a younger child from being hit by a car. She doesn’t set out to do this on purpose; instead, she reacts instinctively when the little girl is in trouble.The black-and-white illustrations are modern and attractive.
review 2: I think this book is awesome because it tells about a little girl that wants a cool nick name. Sophie came up with Sophie the Awesome.Sophie says that she needs to earn the name so she tries to be awesome.Two of the things
... more she tried to be awesome at was jumping down the sixth step. When she jumped down she landed on her bottom and had to go the nurse.Then she went to music class and she piked out the instrument that she wanted to play.Sophie played the instrument very loudly. Sophie got spoken to 2 times. So she gad to sit out and didn't get to play the instruments the rest of the class time.When she got back to class she her teacher talked to her about jumping down the stairs.Then she had to interview a boy named Toby. But she knew most things about him . But she learned some things about him.Then the school day was over.She rode home on the bus and she sat next to a little girl that she didnt like.Then when trhey got off the bus the little girl lost her slinks and she tried to catch them in the road but sophie caugh bew for she did and thenb she was awesome. less
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its so nice imagine the rest of the series now im reading sophie the snoop;)
I think that sophie was funny when she fell down the stairs
Cute story really caused some good giggles.
Sweet very girly. Too young.
8 years old
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