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Equinox (2011)

by Lara Morgan(Favorite Author)
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Walker Books
The Rosie Black Chronicles
review 1: Equinox was very different it was something i didn't expect. There are some twists and turn some suprises. Dalton was one of my favourite character in this book, he's a very likeable character very charming. Cassie was another suprise she was mostly a bitch but she seemed more nicer towards the end especially to Rosie. What i really hated about the book was that some of the thoughts for the characters where put in italics. That was so annoying it pissed me off every single time so that is why i gave a book a 4. Other that i have no other complains in the book. Hope there is more actiom in the next book.
review 2: Cover revealed on author's blog today. I think it's interesting how it's the same image from book 1 (Genesis) but in a different coloured scheme... hm
... moremm, my feelings? I think it's smart from a marketing POV cos a reader will see it and prob go oh, I remember reading the first one and it was great... although I was kinda hoping to see brand new artwork (cos I think whoever drew the cover is fantastic and they're going to waste by not drawing a new image!) Anyway, enough of me, I bet the colours look stunning in real life. less
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Read it a few years ago and enjoyed it
sad and good. a good sequel
Great! Pip is so HOT!
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