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Cold Choices (2009)

by Larry Bond(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 2
1423346564 (ISBN13: 9781423346562)
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Jerry Mitchell
review 1: What a great story! I never realized I would enjoy submarine novels so thoroughly, but this author can capture my imagination with his telling of a tale. This novel was about an American and Russian submarines colliding and the rescue of the Russian boat afterwards. The author used the last names of crews from three submarines that have been lost in disasters. Very interesting and exciting. Well done Mr. Bond.
review 2: I am often not sure how much is fictionalized and how much is realistic in a book like this one. I am not that familiar with the philosophy or polictics of submarine-ing, so often wonder if a book like this one is realistic. I have to presume so, but all that aside, it kept my attention for the most part. There is Jerry Mitchell, USA and Alekse
... morey Petrov (Russia) come to life, the portrayal of sub life is spelled out enough that I am quite sure it is not for me, and the pace of the book seemed to provide a balance between action and down times, and at times was descriptive enough I formulated a picture in my mind....altho, I could test it, I suppose, by finding pics of interiors etc on line and have not done so. less
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477 pages. Straight no holds barred submarine warfare tale in the post cold war era.
Disclaimer : I love submarine books. With that in mind, this book was fantastic !
Good story with well thought out plot, but it is a very long novel.
This was even better than the first in the series.
An enjoyable reading adventure!
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