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12|21|12 (2012)

by Larry Enright(Favorite Author)
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Lawrence P. Enright
review 1: This short book was too clever for its own good. I could feel the author trying to wind up to the reveal of the twist at the end. But, the twist at the end (a Jacob's Ladder type twist) did not come off as genuine and more as a twist for twist sake. It is nice that the author left quite a bit of leeway at the end for us to interpret what happened, but still, the whole book feels like a badly executed cheat on the readers time.
review 2: I am a huge fan of post-apocalyptic books so relished the idea of reading this one. Overall I was drawn into the book. I enjoyed the fact that the author introduced us to the survivors one at a time as they came together. I was intrigued as the Survivors attempted to figure out what was happening. I was interested in the theorie
... mores that Loeb was putting together, and then the end came along and I was left feeling shell struck and wondering, "What just happened?". I understand what the author was doing, but I was left a little disappointed that so many things were being left to my imagination. I almost felt like I was left to write the ending myself and decide what had happened and I am not sure that I like that. Overall a good read and I would recommend it as a quick, somewhat thought provoking read. less
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It is an interesting book, but was too short to feel like the story was an eventful read.
One of those circular reading/thinking books..okay but not great.
Meh. At least it was short...
short story
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