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Sandmannen (2012)

by Lars Kepler(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 3
Albert Bonniers Förlag
Joona Linna
review 1: I was looking forward to this one for about a year, the problem with these books is, you have to hope that they will be translated fairly quickly. So, when I managed to get my little mits on it at long last this week, I could not wait to get reading, especially since there was a teaser at the end of the last one about what was to come. I stayed up really late two nights ago, as it got to that stage where you need to know what happens next. It was gripping, edge of the bed stuff (I was reading it in bed). The plot is there is a very dangerous man called Jurek Walter, locked away in a high security hospital and Joona is well aware that this serial killer is as good as his word at making people disappear, even if he is locked up. Joona has always suspected Jurek had an accomp... morelice and soon he proves this is the case. 13 years earlier, Jurek abducted a ten year old and eight year old, brother and sister. 13 years later, the abducted boy is found barely alive having escaped his captor and the race is on to find his sister, before it's too late. Saga (character from the series), is sent undercover to the hospital, posing as a dangerous psychic patient, to see if she can find out from Jurek, where the girl is being held. So, great tension and drama - and then, the end went all haywire. It was all too much, not wanting to give anything away, but there were too many holes in the finale and I HATE when the bad guy is just too clever for the plot to stay grounded in reality and remain believable. I was frustrated and a little p***ed off, to the point I skimmed some of the final pages. Not like me to do this. Anyway, there is a cliffhanger of an ending also. A big question mark at the very end. There is another book in the offing, continuing the series, it's been released in Sweden but not yet translated. Please, please, give us a better offering than this one. Still liked it though.
review 2: Tady budu o něco přísnější. První polovina knihy je naprosto fantastický napínák, který vás utopí v bažině tisíců otázek. Problém je ale s jejich rozřešením. Jak se blíží konec knihy, dochází vám, že to prosté řešení, které je tolik nasnadě, jste už viděli tolikrát. A žel, ono to je to ono. Pokud jako já na chvíli přerušíte cca dvě kapitoly před koncem, budete hodně nakrknutí, jak primitivní to vlastně celé je a kolik nenaplněného potenciálu zmizelo někde v severských lesích. Poslední dvě kapitoly leccos zachraňují, a tak je celkový dojem o něco lepší, ale ta mírná pachuť stejně zůstává. Počtení určitě dobré, ale nečekejte žádné detektivní zázraky. Prostě jen dobré řemeslo. less
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Well crafted story with characters that come alive, even those you'd rather wouldn't.
Muy básica. Sólo entretiene.
wow love this book....
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