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Pack Of Lies (2011)

by Laura Anne Gilman(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 4
0373803249 (ISBN13: 9780373803248)
Paranormal Scene Investigations
review 1: I gave this one a chance even though the first one made me kind of cry with the excessive, story-slowing sexual tension and sexual content.This book had more of the not-story-enhancing sex and sexual tension, also the excessive narration. There were literally pages of thick narration between dialogue lines. I ended up skipping a lot of the text; it just got in the way.I won't be continuing with the series.
review 2: Setting: New York – Bonita’s apartment, PUPI offices, council chambers, crime scene walking distance from a clubTheme: Politics, hidden agendas, what is the true crime?, unbiased truthCharacters:Fatae v human v Talent – elves/fairies/demons/dragons/etc v human v magic usersPUPI – Private Unaffiliated Paranormal Investigations – unbiased CS
... moreI into crimes involving TalentBonnie ‘Bonita’ Torres – told from her point of view… she is committed to PUPI, the pack is jelling, she gives it her all…Ian Stosser – co-leader, the face of PUPI, deals with the Cosa Nostradamus, passionate, intelligent, Benjamin Venec – co-leader, lone jacker, the heart of PUPI, monitors the well being of the crew and pushes them in the right direction, their main teacherSi-Ja - ki-rin; fatae – rare, cannot lie (but can omit parts of the truth) body of a stag, mane of a lion, head of a dragon, with a slender horn from forehead, associating only with women of untouched virtue. This one gets comprises himself for his companion, killing her attacker.Mercy – Si-Ja’s companion… appears to be assaulted, almost raped – the threatened to keep quiet…Classy Sharon / football good looking Nifty / fading Pietr / hacker Nick – the rest of the pack - Summary:Called in by Casa to the crime scene, as it involves 3 Talents and a rare fatae (ki-rin)… seems straight forward… Mercy and Si-Ja have been clubbing… walking… separated a bit… 2 men step out from bushes… one drags Mercy into bushes almost raping her… ki-rin rushes in and kills the one, hits the other… but in fact, Mercy needs money to special European school, the one who was killed is childhood friends with a history teacher and they have million dollar life insurance on each other… teacher has paid off the Ki-rin, Mercy, and the 2nd man – each know their role… ad it plays out… the pack follows and reasons through the clues to ‘see’ lack of fear on all sides…. They don’t have access to Mercy, the friend, or the Si-Ja, so can’t prove it… but it is necessary to prove as Ian’s sister and another of his enemies are working behind the scenes to discount PUPI and to push forward an agenda to manipulate humans to fear the fatae, and even the Talent. The pack is noticing changes in their abilities and how they are communicating with one another… Bonita and Vanec’s connection is changing too… they can ‘hear’ one another more clearly, they can sense where one is… they both experience a sexual connection that seemed to exist, not called forth from one or the other… and when Bonita is stressed, Vanec can move into her mind and calm her, and vice versa… Vanec checks with his mentor, who is a librarian of the old magics… and there are stories of soul mates, whose current use wavelengths are so close that are connected in a different way… by the end of the book, they both seem to be more accepting of it – naturally holding hands without thinking, and giving each other the words they needed to hear… hmmmm less
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This is the second book in this series which I enjoyed and look forward to reading the next
Excellent! Hard to put down. I am so looking forward to the third in this series.
Easy read and entertaining. Good beach book if it was not 28 degrees out.
A fun read
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