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The Shattered Vine (2011)

by Laura Anne Gilman(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 3
1439101485 (ISBN13: 9781439101483)
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review 1: Decent conclusion to what has been a very interesting and unique fantasy series melding magic, wine, friendship and the making of a new world. There did feel like there was a bit much crammed into this book at times - it was moving too fast, too many threads trying to come together at one time in what could have been a terribly messy and confusion knot. Luckily, the messy and confusing part didn't happen, but the reader is left with the sense that there were things left unsaid. All that aside, this was a series that was worth taking the journey across the seas and the vineyards with Jerzy and his friends.
review 2: Laura Anne Gilman is a great writer. Unfortunately, her style is really not for me. I prefer a little more quick and dirty style, rather than the
... more thoughtful, more literary style that she writes in.The story's magic system is where vinearts (the mages) use spellwine to do magic. They also have what is called "quiet magic". Instead of saying, Jerzy used quiet magic to _________, we hear how he gathered saliva in his mouth to do the magic, what he was thinking, what was going on around him, other spellwines he might recently have drank, etc. For some, this might make them immersed in the story, and according to the many high reviews on goodreads, I believe this is the case. For me, it just felt tedious. The whole book is like this.Some books I give lower grades because I believe the writer isn't very talented and it wasn't well written at all. I don't think that's the case with Gilman. I think she is very good at what she does, and has a real talent for writing. There are lots of people who will love her writing and her style, I'm just not one of them. Grade: C less
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Really enjoyed this whole series. Well-written, and I liked how the characters grew.
An excellent conclusion to Gilman's Vineart Trilogy, but it left me wanting more.
Review to follow once I recover. GOOD book.
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