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Fifty Nights In Gray: A Sensual Journey In Black And White (2012)

by Laura Elias(Favorite Author)
2.88 of 5 Votes: 2
1616285362 (ISBN13: 9781616285364)
Weldon Owen
review 1: Decent read, however the endings of each story which are supposed to be a journal view of her nightly adventures with her lover, were left incomplete and up to the imagination. I know people who could write a better story, I could even write a better story. I'm sure Ms. Elijah could even write a better story, however, this one if my boyfriend had not won as a free book from Goodreads, then I would not have read it, and therefore after he told me the actual bookstore price, I would not buy it for the publisher's price nor would I even purchase it for more than $4.99. It has tips for anyone interested in experimentation or spicing up their relationship, but personally I would have offered tips that were more than "common sense" tips. The illustrations are realistic depict... moreions, but not realistic drawings and furthermore concerning the book, if this were a genre that my 17 year old would read, I'd recommend it to her as it is so low key and hardly considered "erotica" in my opinion to be even in the category.
review 2: I’ll start off by saying that I haven’t read “Fifty Shades of Grey,” so apart from the erotic elements the book is known for, I’m not sure how the storylines differ. I have my own opinions on the whole “Fifty Shades” mania and therefore my review is based on my experience with this book alone, and not with anything else. “50 Nights in Gray” is an illustrated, diary entry-type story that doubles as a guidebook on how to explore some of said erotic elements. The graphics—done mostly in different shades of grey, haha!— are realistic and well-done, with racially diverse characters and interracial couples. They also tend to be more suggestive than explicit in nature. Averaging one erotic story per page, the narrating is clear and straightforward.Since the book starts off with the male as the dominant figure, it initially gave off a semi-misogynistic vibe which eventually wore off thanks to the subsequent role reversal. Overall a quick, saucy read. less
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Aparte de uno que otro consejo o tip interesante,es una pérdida de tiempo.
I really enjoyed reading 50 Nights of Gray.
No se como acabé leyéndolo xD
Co to bylo? :o
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