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Stone Of Destiny (2000)

by Laura Howard(Favorite Author)
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The Danaan Trilogy
review 1: Stone of Destiny recapped book 1 so I was able to follow it much better than the first book. I really enjoyed it once I knew the pronunciations of names and who was who. Allison is on a mission to Aloife and destroy a charm cursing her mother into schizophrenia. Along the way they have a long journey her crush Ethan is finally informed of all that is going on and he won't leave Allisons side. Al also grows closer to her father on their long trip to the world of the fae and a trip to Ireland. sad turn of events leaves a person close to Allison dead and Aloife is still on tne run but Allison has one thing in mind....kill Aloife. The cliffhanger got me I cannot wait for book 3!!!!
review 2: Stone of Destiny. I received a copy from Net Galley and Laura in exch
... moreange for an honest review. I found book Stone of Destiny to be a quick read as well as The Forgotten Ones. Stone of Destiny picks right up where The Forgotten Ones left off. Laura you did a wonderful job with this story as well. I am glad that Laura continued the story from where The Forgotten Ones left off so we could read more of her fantasy world and all the wonderful characters. I recommend this series to anyone who loves YA fantasy and YA paranormal romance. less
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The first second didn't disappoint. beautifully written and beautiful imagery. A perfect escape.
Published April 15th 2014 (first published February 28th 2014)
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