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The Minstrel Boy (2000)

by Laura Vosika(Favorite Author)
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Blue Bells Trilogy
review 1: I loved the first book of this series, Blue Bells of Scotland, and kept waiting for the second book to come out. I guess I stopped checking on it and now there are three books! I made a mistake by reading this one the minute I got it without re-reading Blue Bells (which I am re-reading now before I start the third one). I found as I got into it that some things were confusing but I should have understood them. I just could not stop reading and go back to the previous book.The concept of this story is that two men, Shawn who is a selfish self centered womanizer musician in the present time, and Naill an honorable future Laird of his clan who is also a musician but a warrior too from 700 years previous. They both are injured and fall asleep in a tower of a castle which ... moreis a ruin in present time but home in Naill's time. When they wake up they find themselves having switched places. They look exactly alike. That happened in the first book as they deal with pretending they are someone else, have to deal with the woman in each of their lives etc. Naill finds out that his people and all that he knows will be slaughtered in a battle against English King Edward in a matter of days. He is desperate to go back to his time and prevent the massacre. The story of that battle and the supernatural things that happen was really well done (in the first book) This book starts off with Amy, in present time knowing what happened at the battle and believing that Shawn is dead, and believing that Naill is back in his own time. Naill actually is back in his own time, but a seriously wounded Shawn is there also. I need to explain one thing about the way this book is written. It alternates a chapter or two between present time and the past, so you go back and forth between the two. This at times is irritating but only because I was getting into what I was reading and then thrown to another time. But then I didn't want to leave that one, so in the end it worked for me. I did get a little bored with Amy and a little irritated with her which may be just me. I wanted to be with Naill and Shawn back in history. But Amy is obsessed with finding out if Naill lived and is doing research on the time. and that part was good - a mystery of sorts. This is the time of Robert the Bruce and I have read a lot about that era, so the history was intriguing to me. I love books about Scotland! Watching how Shawn deals with this time and how both he and Naill begin to rub off on each other is a fun read. I am now re-reading Blue Bells as I should have in the first place but can't wait to get to the third book! If you like Scotland and time travel this is a really good series. And no, it is nothing like Outlander in any way other than it is Scotland and it has time travel.
review 2: In the Blue Bells Trilogy, Laura Vosika has spun a tale that I can't put down. Well, I mean things don't get done because I won't stop reading! Her characters are realistic (seriously, even Shawn's outrageous musician lifestyle:) and endearing. The plot ties between past and present are fun to anticipate, even though I am seldom right and thus enjoy the surprises! But most of all, for me the Scotland setting is pure magic! less
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The only reason I didn't give this one 5 stars is because Amy is an idiot.
Cant wait for the next bookso glad I stumbled onto this series
This one has a very unusual story. I liked it a lot.
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