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Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te (2014)

by Laura Wiess(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 1
8854164526 (ISBN13: 9788854164529)
Newton Compton
review 1: Definitely a 5 star rating. This book really touched my heart and I must admit that I totally bawl while reading this. Maybe the fact that I've experienced almost the same thing that Rowan have gone through made me felt like I was in her shoe in the entire novel. It's heartbreaking that sometimes life just have to be to much to bear that some people just have to end it. This is wow. No words. To thumbs up.
review 2: This was a thought-provoking, emotional book that I kinda enjoyed, but at times I found myself asking "why I am reading this book?" It was about depression and suicide, yes, but it was also so depressing to read. Every devastating thing that could have happened, happened. Fiction should be a little happy to read. It was also a bit "let me teach you
... more a lesson about depression" but good attempt by the author. less
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It was good young adult story, if more heavy on narrative more so than moving the story forward.
non sono riuscita a finirlo..troppo lento...magari in un altro momento cercherò di finirlo..
This was a heavy read (a girl dealing with her police father's suicide). Whew.
Powerful, sad, beautiful, raw, devastating, hopeful.
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