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A Is For Alpha Male (2000)

by Laurel Ulen Curtis(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 5
A is for Alpha Male
review 1: Fun, funny story. I road trip that led to true love and a great starting point KA books.As a fan of KA books I was happy to read a tribute to her work and characters.The story might have been all over the place and Danny didn't really convinced me that he is a Bad ass alpha male but he had his sweet side and at the epilogue he made it up to me with his vows.Sometimes I really wonder if a man like Danny for any of KA male characters really exists.Laurel is pushing me to think that maybe the alpha-sweet-domineering-male might exist and its not a fantasy species so kudos for the story :)
review 2: 4.9999 stars. I loved this book the first time I read it and after rereading it to dive right into The Secret Alpha, I love it even a bit more. I'm not sure where my fir
... morest review is; it was up on Goodreads yesterday but is MIA today. In any case, if you're a Kristen Ashley fan, you need to read this book. It's delightful. If you're not a ZA fan, you should be! I laughed out loud too many times to count with this one!! less
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I loved it. Cant wait to start Secret Alpha...and have me more of Dan Smith...
love this book!!!
Review to come.
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