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The One Girl (2000)

by Laurel Ulen Curtis(Favorite Author)
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The One Series
review 1: ** spoilers from book one** As I stated in my review of book one the second I finished book one I cracked open my kindle to read book two. The ending of book one hooked me. Book one The One Place was in the heroines point of view and book two is in the heroes point of view which was a nice surprise but I almost wished it was a split point of view book. The One Girl starts were book one left off. Tucker and Natalie just found out that Andrew Jenny(Natalie's friend) and Natalie's abuser is the same as Jenny Tuckers missing sister in fact Jenny is the same person, both Tuckers sister and Natalie's friend. Now with Andrew in Town Tucker makes it his mission to first keep Natalie safe and then find out the complete truth. With the threat on Natalie's families lives Natalie and ... moreTucker set about keeping Natalie's family safe once and for all.The more they uncover the truth more questions build, as Tucker and Natalie fall more in love each day the resolve to find happiness no matter what, but then Natalie and Tuckers world is rocked yet again and this time they may not get their happy ending. Mrs. Curtis yet again shocked me with the twist in this book. I had a clue of what would happen but I never would have guessed what actually happens. I loved the epilogue in this book but I wish this book would have had more Tucker and Natalie time instead of so much friend and sister time. Overall this was a nice series not the best but it kept my attention. After finishing these two books I still am excited to see more from Laurel Ulen Curtis and will be checking her other books out in the near future.
review 2: MY TAKE:I enjoyed this one a whole lot better than book one and that was odd to me because this one was told from Tucker's perspective. Which, if you read my review above you would be shaking your head at me right now. Surprisingly though reading this from Tucker's pov wasn't as bad as his scenes in book 1. His grammar was way better in this one and I actually fell in love with him by the end.This one picks up right where book one left off with Andrew showing up at the diner Talie works at in Joplin and Tucker confronting him about his sister...Jenny. YES! Imagine my surprise when I found out that the Jenny that Talie has been grieving is Tucker's missing sister. Talk about chaos. Tucker then confronts Andrew about where his sister is and makes it very clear that Talie is his now. Tucker informs the entire town including his friends Jace and Ruthie to be on the lookout for Andrew and don't let him out of their sights. Tucker sets a plan in place to protect Talie and goes with her almost everywhere to ensure her safety with Andrew in town. Talie is terrified that Andrew will go after her fmaily and Tucker makes her call her sister to bring everyone to Joplin so they can keep an eye on them. She finds out her sister already suspected something was up and flies to Joplin ASAP. When she arrives Tucker finds out that Kayla is more spunky than Talie and he might have his hands full with them both. Once her parents are safe in Europe on vacation everyone bands together to figure out how to get rid of Andrew. They discover a safe deposit box Jenny left in both hers and Talie's names upon her death. Kayla goes to retrieve the contents but there is nothing there once she arrives. All the missing information and drama with Andrew is causing Tucker to have nightmares about his sister. He feels like he is being watched everywhere he goes and starts to chalk it up to simple paranoia.As the story progresses Talie and Tucker solidify their relationship, both knowing they are it for each other and celebrate their happiness. It doesn't last long when Talie is kidnapped on her break at work and sends Tucker into a panic trying to find her. When he searches the most obvious choice he finds out that things are way more confusing than he could have imagined as the story wraps up with murder, mayhem and a sweet epilogue.From the way the first one ended I figured we were in for some serious shit once Andrew came back to town. But sadly nothing really happened with him. He wasn't really a part of the story except in a small way. I was a little disappointed about that because I felt that him being in town could have been a more juicy plot point. This one just mainly followed Tucker's daily struggle to figure out what happened to his family. The mystery surrounding Jenny's death haunts him in his dreams and with the added bonus of feeling someone watching him constantly he is extremely paranoid. He does everything he can to protect Talie. I have to say I liked Tucker a whole lot more in this book. He wasn't as much of a jerk as I found him to be in book 1. He was more settled and less overbearing and being able to get into his shoes and know what he was going through really helped me understand him better. I enjoyed this being from his perspective and I was very glad his lazy southern drawl wasn't overly played up in his book. That was another surprise as to why the author wrote him so country in book one from Talie's pov but in his own his accent was hardly noticeable. Probably the best part of the story was the addition of Talie's sister Kayla! I adored her character and to me she added so much depth and comic relief especially when shit got real which it did a few times. Anyway Kayla was fiesty and lovable with her outspoken peronsality and flirtatious charm. When she arrives she gives her sister hell for being shacked up with such a "Hot" guy and pouts that she has been holding out on her. It's so funny watching her make Tucker uncomfortable because Tucker was such a Ladie's man before he met Talie. When they agree to send her to New York to find out what Jenny left in the safe deposit box Kayla gives Tucker the nickname Hotman as a play on words to Batman. I loved their playful banter with each other despite the serious situation they were facing. The mystery element to the story was a little anti climactic for me because I expected some drama to go down with Andrew but like i said he wasn't really in the story other than just a shadow always lingering on a what if scenario. "What if Andrew does this?" "What is Andrew does that?" How about What if Andrew was just sitting in his drawers the whole time eating pizza laughing at you scared assholes LOL! That's what I would do! Anyway when everything comes out in the open it's kind of a surprise-ish who the actual mastermind behind everything is. I mean I saw it coming but you might not be as Ninja as I am when it comes to plot points.Overall it was a good story and everything wrapped up really sweet and actually made me glad I finished reading the series. I didn't fall in love with them but it was a sweet, semi suspenseful story about forgiveness and starting over. I would suggest you not let my pet peeves keep you from giving this series a shot though because I feel like the end was worth it. less
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Loved how the story is told from Tuck's POV! Great ending to the series!
Could have been so much better.
Great story!!!
4.5 ****
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