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Secret Alpha (2000)

by Laurel Ulen Curtis(Favorite Author)
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A is for Alpha Male
review 1: I loved this book. Definitely much better than the first book and I liked seeing the story from Dan's POV. The writing really did get better with this book and I basically read every word. I thought it was a great book but the downside is that you need to read the first book to get the right experience with this book. Dan is actually an alpha though in the first book he doesn't seem like one. I would re-read this book again (but not the first one).
review 2: First of all, this is the companion novel to A is For Alpha Male. You have to read that one first, for a better understanding. That one is from Haley’s POV, while this is from Dan’s/Ryan’s. It really is a case of She said, he said.“Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walke
... mored into his.”It’s really interesting how life works and this book kinda makes me want to believe in soul-mates, what with Haley and Dan/Ryan’s past and then them meeting again, after twenty plus years. Things haven’t changed, yet they have, at the same time. Both of them were the same, at the core of their beings but were more mature, were all grown up. I enjoyed A is For Alpha Male very much. Haley made me laugh and I loved her mother-daughter relationship with Allison. I liked this one too but I skipped parts I’ve already read about in A is For Alpha Male because it seemed redundant. I really wanted to see what happened with Dan/Ryan before Haley came back into his life and while she was on her trip. I wanted to see the badass side of Dan’s, the undercover mission he had going on, why he had to step away from Haley and let her go for a short while. And then how he came for her. What I really loved about Dan Fucking Smith is that he’d orchestrated everything from the very beginning. As soon as he realized who Haley and Allison were, he’d wanted them back in his life, he’d wanted Haley not only because she reminded him of a better past but also because she had always held his heart. Back then, it was the heart of a little boy. No matter how many women he slept with, Dan still felt hollow. “After having it back, I realized just how agonizing it would be to have it to miss it again.”“Haley was mine, and I was going to stop pretending like she wasn’t.”“She loved alpha males, and that was exactly what I was going to be.”As I mentioned in my A is for Alpha Male review, life has a way of smacking you with something you never thought you’d need or want. “(…) But for the last few weeks, I’ve been Dan Fucking Smith, and I like that even better because that’s who I am to you. Your Dan-o, your Danny, your Dan Smith. All yours, Haley.”You really can’t stay mad at him for orchestrating the rest of Haley’s trip because he did it for her own good, for her own safety and because they belonged together. Simple as that. “I’m not reaching anymore. My world’s right here.”Four stars for Dan Fucking Smith and his fucking dimples.***Copy given by author in exchange for an honest review*** less
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Great follow up. Here is hoping for a Wade and Allison book next!
I loved Dan-o. Love books by a man's pov. It was a good book.
Like this one better than the first.
Great read ;))
3.5 stars
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