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The Family Cooks: 100+ Recipes Guaranteed To Get Your Family Craving Food That's Simple, Fresh, And Incredibly Good For You (2014)

by Laurie David(Favorite Author)
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review 1: While I really enjoyed The Family Dinner by Laurie David (and was hoping for something similar in this book), this book felt overly preachy, had very little to offer in recipes I would use (that I couldn't get in another more well-rounded cookbook), and was missing some of the very things I loved most about the first one- the practical tidbits offered of how to get dinner on the table! No conversation starters, no prep sheets..bleh. Disappointing. If you hadn't read this information somewhere else (and really, it's EVERYWHERE) this would be great, but otherwise.. meh. Next.
review 2: For folks who cook regularly and need a jolt of inspiration, and for folks who want make cooking a part of their routine, Laurie David's new cookbook is just the thing. Not
... morequite as chatty as The Family Dinner, it is laid out as a more traditional 'one page, one recipe' cookbook. This is not a general reference or how to cook everything, but a point of departure, filled with useful information and great ideas. less
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Not as good as 'The Family Dinner,' but one I will refer to again and again.
Lovely photos and info - recipes are too "out there" for this family.
Another cookbook I want to buy.
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