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The Miracles Of Prato: A Novel (2009)

by Laurie Lico Albanese(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 4
0061558346 (ISBN13: 9780061558344)
William Morrow
review 1: The Miracles of Prato told the story of the scandalous love affair between Fra Filipo Lippo, a monk and artist, and his model and muse, Lucrezia. Her face appeared in many of his paintings (and she truly was beautiful) - they lived together in defiance of the Church in 15th century Italy which can't have been easy. It was a fascinating story, and very well told. I'd have liked a little more passion, but I think the authors were trying to make sure it wasn't a bodice-ripper (which is rather a shame as I love a good love story).
review 2: Set in the 1450s, in Prato, Italy mostly in St. Marguerita's nunnery... I loved the dearness of the love story between a monk and a beautiful novitiate just arrived to the convent. Parts of the book were very slow but for me the
... more beauty of the art described and the "chemistry" of the two main characters- Fra Filippo & Lucrezia- was worth it. Another book about the flaws of the Catholic church because it is run by humans but surprisingly, the sanctity of the church and the human spirit remained at the end for me. less
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Beautiful and engaging from start to finish. An exemplary piece of historical fiction.
I read this as a ARC. Not as interesting as I thought it would be.
Occasionally overdramatic but with a satisfying resolution.
Loved the insight to Catholics in the 1400's.
Fascinating book. A very quick read.
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